The Petuum Advantage

Achieve the Impossible

Our award-winning scientists help you unlock the transformative benefits of artificial intelligence. Our expertise in tackling the most complex problems helps you find answers to the toughest challenges in the shortest period of time.

The World’s Best Talent

Unmatched AI Expertise

Accessible to You

Get AI Faster

Harness any data- tabular, unstructured, semi-structured, images, video, audio, streaming to implement practical AI solutions. Recraft, recombine, reuse datasets and models on the fly. Drop in, join and scale any model with support for commonly used frameworks.

Any Data

Any Framework

Any Scale

End-to-End ML Workflows

Reimagine Your Business

Leapfrog your competition with advanced AI capabilities that drive growth, create new opportunities and position your business for the future.

Accelerate Decision Making

Reduce Operating Costs

Innovate & Transform Faster

AI in Action.

Achieve yield and energy improvements with Petuum Optimum.


Recognition for our award winning team

World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer
CB Insights AI.100 (2 times)
G-Summit Top 10 Trailblazers


Make 2022 the year you realize the full potential of ML with our new platform! Stay tuned for more information.