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AI for Healthcare

Medical Registry Automation

Trauma Centers across the United States rely on qualified registrars to manually enter information into the state-mandated Trauma Registry. The manual process is very slow due to the difficulty of hiring qualified registrars followed by a lengthy onboarding and training process causing a frequent backlog of cases, as well as high overhead costs. Petuum solves these issues by automating the completion of the Trauma Registry, along with the Stroke, Cancer, and Transplant registries.

Automatic ICD Coding

Reducing errors in claims and increasing accuracy in ICD coding are of paramount importance in the billing process. However, ICD coding errors and inconsistencies between patient records and corresponding claims result in cumbersome review work for physicians and coders. Petuum’s ICD Coding solution accurately assigns ICD codes based on the patient’s EHR and catches inconsistencies at the point of data entry, saving physicians valuable time while increasing the rate of claims acceptance.

Imaging Report Generation

Petuum AI harnesses cutting-edge computer vision and NLP technologies to generate written reports from X-ray images. Petuum AI captures possible image abnormalities and summarizes both the findings and the conclusions in a written report. This tool provides support to physicians for report generation, saving them valuable time that they can spend seeing more patients.

Benefits of Using Petuum’s Healthcare AI

  • Advanced Natural Language & Computer Understanding
  • Expert-Level Accuracy
  • Seamless Integration with your Infrastructure

Why Petuum?

The Petuum team, with unmatched expertise in AI, unblocks enterprise adoption of AI.

We enable the fast development and deployment of AI solutions, allowing your organization to unlock the value of AI effortlessly.

Our top-ranked AI scientists work with your enterprise to customize and deploy a library of solutions that address various complex healthcare use cases.

Petuum AI solutions solve the most complex understanding, recommendation and prediction problems in a range of healthcare use cases.

Why Petuum AI vs. Traditional Solutions

Critical Information Extraction: Advanced Natural Language Processing extracts and collates critical information from patient records, giving clinicians direct and quick access without spending an hour or more combing through the patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Diagnosis & Medication Reconciliation: Predictive algorithms suggest disease diagnoses and medications that factor in all data from the patient’s EHR that a physician might miss, preventing possible contraindications and assisting physicians with the reconciliation process.

Multi-Modal Data-Based Predictions: Process data of different modalities to generate predictions for patient outcomes based on different treatment plans.

Disease Detection from Images: Powerful computer vision is applied to images such as X-rays and CT scans for lung disease detection, arthritis detection, wound imaging, and more that are not captured by the naked eye.

Text Summarization: Condensing patient records generates a concise and fluent summary or problem list of a patient’s past medical history.

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