Bringing the Most Advanced Artificial Intelligence to Healthcare & Lifesciences

Petuum Healthcare AI Use Cases

Benefits of using Petuum's Healthcare AI:

  • Advanced Natural Language & Computer Understanding
  • Expert-Level Accuracy
  • Seamless Integration with your Infrastructure


The Petuum team, with unmatched expertise in AI, unblocks enterprise adoption of AI.

By turning AI from an artisan craft into a standardized, industrial-grade enterprise tool, we enable the fast development and deployment of AI solutions without an in-house team of specialized AI talent, allowing your organization to unlock the value of AI effortlessly.

Our top-ranked AI scientists work with your enterprise to customize and deploy a library of solutions that address various complex healthcare use cases.

Petuum AI solutions solve the most complex understanding, recommendation and prediction problems in a range of healthcare use cases.

Why Petuum AI vs Traditional Solutions

  • Critical Information Extraction: Advanced Natural Language Processing to extract and collate critical information from patient records, enabling clinicians to access the important information they need at their fingertips without spending an hour or more combing through the patient’s EHR.
  • Diagnosis & Medication Reconciliation: Predictive algorithms suggest disease diagnoses and medications that factor in data from the patient’s EHR that a physician might miss, preventing possible contraindications and assisting physicians with the reconciliation process.
  • Multi-modal Data-based Predictions: Process data of different modalities to generate predictions for patient outcomes based on different treatment plans.
  • Disease Detection from Images: Powerful Computer Vision applied to detect diseases from images such as X-rays and CT scans, including lung disease detection, arthritis detection, wound imaging, and more.
  • Text Summarization: Condense patient records to generate a concise and fluent summary or problem list of a patient’s past medical history.