AI for Industrial Sectors

No More Barriers to AI Adoption.

Gain increased throughput, improved yield, and greater productivity while reducing emissions and enhancing energy efficiency with artificial intelligence. Learn about Industrial AI Optimum→

Asset Optimization

  • Supervised-steer of Large Assets
  • Deeper Insight to Amplify Operator Skills

Process Optimization

  • AI-Powered End-To-End Process Steering
  • Linear, Non-Linear, Temporal, Long-Range & Other Process Patterns

Operational Excellence

  • Improved Quality & Environmental Sustainbaility
  • Improved Asset Utilization & Greater Energy Efficiency

Benefits of Petuum Industrial AI

  • Increased yields, maximized throughput and lower energy consumption
  • Enhanced quality, sustainability, and safety metrics
  • Increased process stability while augmenting operator skills for repeatable “golden days”
  • Fast time to value with rapid deployment of standardized interfaces that consume all types of data

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Why Petuum AI

Industrial enterprises are on a constant quest to improve yield, improve quality and lower costs while meeting sustainability goals.  With increasing digitization, more and more data is now available across all industrial sectors, but the sheer volume and variety of sensor data make it hard to harness practically. Taking advantage of the linear, non-linear, long range, temporal or difficult-to-predict patterns in your data is challenging without an array of AI techniques at your disposal.

Petuum Industrial AI delivers sophisticated data processing capabilities, robust deep learning and machine learning techniques, and standardized integrations with operational control systems for solutions that learn and adapt continuously and offer a multi-layered, multi-faceted understanding of complex industrial systems.  

Petuum Industrial Artificial Intelligence to the Rescue!

Petuum Industrial AI absorbs a variety of data types including time series data, unstructured log data, images, structured data and more, to learn and deliver precise forecasts of hundreds of parameters. 

Additionally, it prescribes corrective actions to optimize multiple parameters such as throughput, quality, safety and cost. 

It automatically anticipates changes in variables based on operator actions and adjusts operating conditions for the best metrics. 

Petuum Industrial AI integrates with existing plant and corporate data infrastructures such as OSIsoft PI systems and control systems to directly deliver timely parameter changes, so that completely automated, yet supervised operations can become a reality. 

CEMEX Presentation at PI World

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