Financial Services

AI on the Cutting Edge.

Financial services firms gain new levels of profitability, operational efficiency and growth with Petuum AI.

AI for Financial Services

Virtual Advisors

Fraud Prevention

Credit Risk Scoring

Personalized Banking

Compliance Monitoring

Back Office Operations Automation

Benefits of Petuum’s Industrial-Grade AI

  • Faster time to gain better results
  • Reduced errors, and faster processing times
  • Improved customer experience

Why Petuum AI

The Petuum team, with unmatched expertise in AI, unblocks enterprise adoption of AI.

We enable the fast development and deployment of AI solutions allowing your organization to unlock the value of AI effortlessly.

Our top-ranked AI scientists work with your enterprise to customize and deploy a library of solutions that address various complex financial services use cases.

Petuum AI solutions solve the most complex understanding, recommendation and prediction problems in a range of financial services use cases.

Why Petuum AI vs. Traditional Solutions

Enterprise problems are too complex to solve with rule-based optimizers or statistical models.

Financial services firms are data-intensive. The sheer volume of regulations and compliance requirements means tedious, time-consuming tasks that require human intelligence. Supplementing these processes with artificial intelligence means less time being bogged down by repeatable analyses.

But the bar to get the right machine learning for the right use case quickly and at scale is high. Not only is top-notch talent and expertise in short supply, but the ability to utilize a combination of techniques and dynamically changing datasets on the fly is limited. Existing systems and frameworks lack the depth needed while hiring and training talent takes time.

Petuum Artificial Intelligence to the Rescue

Petuum AI for financial services serves a range of use cases in finance – from advanced natural language understanding for matching advisors to reducing document processing times; from assisting in compliance and security monitoring to preventing fraud.

Complex use cases such as risk analysis during loan processing to automated portfolio monitoring and personalized investment recommendations are easy to achieve with Petuum AI, using the most advanced modeling techniques.

Make 2022 the year you realize the full potential of ML with our new platform! Stay tuned for more information.