Petuum enables and orchestrates AI for enterprise with our software platform as well as vertical industry solutions. Our AI platform allows enterprises to design, build, experiment, customize, operate and own vertical AI solutions in a wide range of industries and areas. Our vertical industry solutions provide end-to-end AI functions for a variety of industry verticals, starting with Healthcare and Manufacturing / IoT.

AI Builder Platform – Petuum Symphony

Petuum Symphony brings a structured and industralized process for enterprises to create AI solutions. With Symphony, enterprises can quickly turn raw data in various forms stored across siloed hardware into fully operationalized AI solutions without coding.

At the core, Symphony provides a gallery of customizable building blocks for every step, from data processing, machine learning, to deployment. Our intuitive design tools make it possible to graphically assemble these building blocks into operational AI solutions without coding, while our library of industry specific reference designs and training courses help any enterprise to get started quickly.

A key component of Symphony is its distributed Operating System. It supports AI deployment on any hardware such as laptop, datacenter, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and edge computing. It also allows users to build and experiment very large data at high speed using commodity computers.

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