Petuum Launches Neurobots Product Line, Streamlining the Adoption of Powerful Robotic Process Automation with Artificial Intelligence

Petuum Neurobots allows businesses of all sizes to cost-effectively implement RPA+AI solutions quickly at scale

SOFTBANK WORLD, TOKYO and SUNNYVALE, CA — July 18, 2019 — Petuum, an artificial intelligence platform company, today announced Petuum Neurobots, a series of intelligent process automation (IPA) tools that provide cutting-edge AI capabilities to robotic process automation (RPA). Neurobots automate business tasks with sophisticated AI functions – including computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing among others. This enables enterprise customers to quickly and cost-effectively deploy powerful RPA bots with the most advanced AI and machine learning (ML) technology.

“We believe AI technology must be accessible to all companies of all sizes across different industries to achieve better business results. Neurobots are a critical part of Petuum’s larger strategy to provide state-of-the-art AI that will transform RPA bots into intelligent agents that are cognitive, able to learn, think, and collaborate (with human and other bots), and therefore realize fully-operationalized business automation.” said Dr. Eric Xing, founder and CEO of Petuum.

The first Neurobots introduced include Kaibot for interactive conversational applications such as chatbots, Chimebot for automatic speech recognition, Chicbot for fashion applications and Pixbot for image understanding and enhancements.

Neurobots can run as standalone advanced AI functions solving complex business challenges, or easily be added to existing robotic process automation (RPA) to enhance decision making and business processes.

With development led by world leading AI innovators and data scientists at Petuum, Petuum Neurobots are powered by ground-breaking AI and ML techniques and models. All Neurobots can be robustly deployed at high volume and scale, on Petuum’s advanced enterprise AI infrastructure, which already delivers Petuum’s transformative Industrial AI-Pilot and Healthcare AI solutions to worldwide customers.

“We are focused on harnessing the power of AI and RPA to boost our own productivity and offer solutions to customers,” said Yasuyuki Imai, Representative Director & COO and Head of the Enterprise Business Unit at SoftBank Corp. “Since we offer a wide variety of services to enterprise customers, we set up a support desk to respond to inquiries from our enterprise sales force of approximately 3,000 people. With the number of questions received growing rapidly by the day, we are considering the implementation of Petuum’s products on a trial basis to automate and streamline this work process. We will continue to closely collaborate with Petuum, and are confident their Neurobots will be able to transform various industry sectors in Japan.”


Kaibot is built to understand the human language from the very beginning. With just 100 question and answer pairs, a software engineer or programmer can create a functional chatbot in about an hour that can quickly find and convey the right answers. Because of the unique techniques that Petuum employs, Kaibot is able to support new languages in a matter of days. The use cases are vast for Kaibot and include chatbots, website search box replacement, customer support, tech support, HR, IT and email routing.


Chimebot is Petuum’s unique speech recognition capability that can be integrated in any application that would benefit from voice interaction. One of the biggest challenges with speech recognition technology is the ability to handle the different ambient noise environment, whether in retail stores, airports, sports venues, or elsewhere. Businesses can rapidly customize Chimebot to work in their business environment. Furthermore, it works with any languages.


The fashion-inspired Chicbot empowers retailers to employ advanced AI technology that outperforms other offerings in several ways. First, it has the ability to parse out the clothing someone is wearing in a matter of seconds and knows the exact types of shirts, pants, skirts, shoes, and accessories. Secondly, it gives users the ability to pick types of styles to match up to a particular piece of item the user is wearing.

Chicbot can integrate recommendations based on a number of factors including the in-house fashion department of a particular retailer.  Based on initial field tests, the experience not only delights consumers, but allows the retailer to focus on what’s more critical — providing the best fashion choice for their users instead of having to worry about building their own AI technology.


Pixbot is built with the latest in computer vision techniques and can rapidly classify images. This solution is able to quickly score images according to esthetics and classify them as good vs. bad image quality. What used to take hours of manual effort can now be done in a matter of seconds with high accuracy. Pixbot also can fix issues in pictures with good composition — such as wrong image lighting, color saturation or contrast – quickly and easily, without the need to manually use photo editing tools. Current use cases include real estate, hotels and rental properties, store merchandize placement and sales correlation, and smart cities applications.

Petuum at SoftBank World 2019

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