How to overcome the 3 biggest challenges of building a chatbot

Why do Chatbots fail?

If you have tried your hands on building chatbots to handle customer support, you know that it’s not as easy as it seems. You probably have already spent significant resources on building one or have experienced negative customer feedback. Why? That’s because of the following 3 challenges:

  • Time-Consuming – Your organization most likely has a FAQ or simple answers to most questions from customers. Unfortunately, traditional chat solutions require you to think about all the different variations of how your customer could ask the question and map the variations to the answer. If you have 100 answers and each answer requires 10+ variations, you will have to create 1,000 variations! Isn’t that wonderful?! NO!
  • Technical Resources – Many chatbots still require you to involve expensive technical resources. You will find that even after you built a chatbot that can accommodate 1,000 variations, the accuracy is still subpar, so you need to get that improved or trained. How? It depends on the vendor, but it will involve expensive AI experts.
  • Impossible to Maintain – Yes, you have accomplished a great feat in the initial 1,000 variations. But as your business evolves, you need to update those questions and variations continuously. Let’s say you need to add ten new questions, which means 100 variations. How much time do you have in your day to do that.

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