The Enterprise AI Platform

Revolutionize Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

Why Petuum Enterprise AI Platform?

Key Benefits

Infinite Extensibility

Empower teams to use any tool with broad integrations and curated libraries of components for ML applications

Maximized Productivity

Empower ML practitioners to scale more projects with less expertise through reusable automation

Minimized Cost and Time to Value

Cut time to deploy, scale, and improve solutions while improving utilization of infrastructure resources

Designed for You

Remove AI adoption barriers with an intuitive interface built upon standardized drag-and-drop AI components and advanced programmatic and API interfaces for users of all levels. Leverage a comprehensive turnkey library of trainable ML components to create reusable, scalable, and customizable AI solutions. That’s how we make AI accessible. 

Drag & Drop UI

Programmatic & API Interfaces

Standardized AI Components

Interactive Data Pipeline

Simple Workflow

Transcend the Impossible

Dispel data discord by transforming messy, incomplete, and unstructured raw data from a variety of sources into actionable and elastic ML resources. Automatically utilize multi-source aggregation of different models and frameworks (including TensorFlow, PyTorch, Apache Spark, and others) to amplify model training and run time performance. What you get from this is a faster time to value.

State-of-the-art Data Transformation

Data Wrangling

Multi Datatypes Support – Tabular, Text, Images, Video, & Audio

Combing Data Sets

Comprehensive ML/DL Models Support for Popular AI Frameworks

Multi-source Aggregation with Different Models and Different Frameworks

Simplicity Redefined

Simplify ML and DL model creation, training, testing, deployment, maintenance, and management via an integrated and containerized AI platform that can run on any hardware, any cloud, and in any environment. Optimize and balance model training and serving across multiple computing (CPU and/or GPU) nodes dynamically. This means that you will increase productivity and decrease upkeep.

Unique Semi-synchronous Scaling

Automated GPU/CPU Optimization

Deploy Anywhere with Containerized Architecture

Parallelized Engine

Distributed Computing

Access Controls & Authentication


Elastic Hardware Resource Management

How it Works


Data Wrangling


Model Building & Training


Ready to Deploy


Monitor and Maintain