“With Petuum, we are changing the way we operate and it’s the beginning of a journey – a very amazing and exciting journey.” – Rodrigo Quintero, Operations Digital Technologies Manager at CEMEX

How CEMEX is Making History with Petuum

Read how Petuum Industrial AI delivered unprecedented supervised autonomous cement plant operations for CEMEX. Learn More →

CEMEX makes giant strides with OSIsoft PI and Petuum Industrial AI

CEMEX, a global building materials company, is on an industry 4.0 journey towards enhanced standardized operations utilizing artificial intelligence for increased efficiencies, reduced fuel & energy consumption, better quality, reduced costs and improved decision making.

Join Cemex on their visionary journey leveraging OSIsoft PI systems to power artificial intelligence driven factory operations using Petuum Industrial AI. The operational intelligence provided by PI systems fuels real time predictive and prescriptive recommendations used to drive factory control systems for operator-supervised autonomous operation.

The speakers will guide the audience on how the Petuum Industrial AI Autopilot products, deployed at Cemex, integrate with OSIsoft PI systems and plant control systems to deliver real-time precise forecasts for key process variables, prescriptions for critical control variables and supervised autosteer aligned with business objectives while staying within applicable static and dynamic constraints.

Watch the Recorded Presentation from PI World 2019