Petuum Industrial AI at CEMEX

CEMEX is making history with Petuum

“With Petuum, we are changing the way we operate and it’s the beginning of a journey – a very amazing and exciting journey.” – Rodrigo Quintero, Operations Digital Technologies Manager at CEMEX

Petuum and CEMEX won the “Cement Project of the Year” award for their implementation of Petuum Industrial AI at CEMEX plants. Learn More →

Strategic Implementation of Artificial Intelligence to Improve Energy Utilization and Yield at CEMEX

CEMEX, a global building materials company, is on an industry 4.0 journey towards enhanced standardized operations utilizing artificial intelligence for increased efficiencies, reduced fuel & energy consumption, better quality, reduced costs and improved decision making.

CEMEX has continuously implemented technologies and best practices in order to increase energy efficiency and to maximize the capacity of each process and unit operation used in the manufacturing of cement. Continuing with this strategic vision, CEMEX decided to implement Petuum’s Optimum solution in order to obtain operational benefits beyond those achieved with current technologies.

This presentation shows the implementation strategy of the Petuum Industrial AI Optimum to optimize the operations of the main processes such as kilns, ball mills, and vertical mills at multiple plants. After the implementation phase, Petuum Optimum is used to continuously operate at peak efficiency, adapting to the ever-changing conditions of the process variables and equipment. The speakers will provide insight on how the Petuum Optimum products, deployed at different operations, integrate with plant control systems to deliver real-time prescriptions and achieve continuous optimization.


Watch the Recorded Presentation from PI World Gothenburg 2019


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