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Centrally located in the historic Strip District, we are steps away from some of the City's most interesting restaurants, shopping and residential options.


We've recently expanded into a brand new building with great amenities in the heart of downtown Sunnyvale. Restaurants, shopping and the Caltrain station are all within walking distance.


We also have remote positions related to particular verticals with a regional focus.

How do you pronounce Petuum?


Where does the name "Petuum" come from?

It’s an abbreviation for perpetuum mobile, a concept from classical music.

Find out more about why this concept inspires us here.

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About Petuum

Petuum’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Petuum provides innovative industry products with the most advanced AI software, that has been out of reach for most businesses. Our set of AI products: Industrial AI, Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), and PetuumMed solve complex real-world challenges that traditional techniques have failed to solve, in a cost-effective, reliable, and simple- to-use manner. These products are operationalized by world-class AI experts and deep subject matter specialists, on top of the Petuum AI Symphony platform. Symphony enables enterprises to design, build, experiment, customize, operate and own vertical AI solutions in a wide range of industries and areas, such as industrial manufacturing, utilities, healthcare, financial services, retail, transportation, logistics and operations, and beyond. Petuum makes AI available as reliable, repeatable software that works for real problems.


Please be aware of employment scams where people or entities are misusing the name of Petuum, Inc. to post fake job advertisements via Angellist.

Petuum will never extend an offer of employment without a personal interview and will never charge any money, or ask for your passwords or bank account log-in information. All of our current job openings are displayed on the Careers section of our website. All Petuum sanctioned communication will come from someone with an e-mail address.

If you have encountered a job posting or have been approached with a job offer that you suspect may be fraudulent, we strongly recommend you do not respond, send money, or personal information, and we ask that you report it to with as much information as possible.