AI Enabled Data Labeling and Annotation in the Blink of an Eye

Petuum’s advanced AI-enabled data labeling and annotation software offers reliable, repeatable, blazing fast data labeling with a high degree of accuracy that continuously improves over time.  Reduce your annotation time significantly with our interactive and adaptive software.

Interactive Mode

Smart Segmentation by Object

Value | At least 50% fewer clicks & 30% less time

This product requires a minimal number of clicks to annotate object individually. We offer different options to allow 1-4 clicks instead of 20-30 clicks to segment one object, while allowing users to interactively adjust the points of the polygon.

Interactive Mode

Autonomous Mode

Panoptic Segmentation by Image

Value | No clicks and 50% less time

This product detects and segments objects on an image based on a predefined set of classes and assigns a label instantaneously. No clicks are required, although users are still able to refine if necessary.

Autonomous Mode


Instantaneous Accurate Labeling

Continuous Improvement

Cloud Native and Agnostic

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