Beyond Digital Transformation: What AI Means to the Steel Industry

Leaders in the steel industry have recently increased their investment in automation and technological innovation to embrace new opportunities for productivity improvements, energy savings and asset reliability. Some organizations are also starting to adopt digital transformation strategies which include artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize how these companies operate. And with the growing abundance of real-time operational data and events being collected, this opens the door for developing major improvements across the entire organization. So what are the necessary steps to collect your data and leverage an AI solution to enhance your business?

Watch this recorded webinar to learn:
• How to optimize fully automated operations with a data infrastructure for critical operations
• How people can be empowered with real-time operational data for machine learning and AI
• How digital solutions for these assets can result in 11-15% efficiency improvements for steel enterprises.
• The steps needed to ignite your journey towards A.I.

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